Reply To: thanatophobia



i m a 22 year old boy. When i was small we were normal middle class people my dad was a drinker and we were financially not good. When i was 15 my dad got sick and i spent next two years carrying and rushing in hospitals.he died when i was 17 and my family responsibility fell on me. I worked really hard and also continued my studies bt now because of all these happenings i have lost

confidence. I try so hard to get positive thoughts and pamper my self bt i regret my life. I see my rich friends enjoying their life i feel upset and jealous because of which i lost my social life. I feel so scared talkin to anyone. I love a girl since last 5 years and last year i spent so much special time with her and she also got feelings for me bt last month we had quarell and i asked her not to contact me.
As everyday passes i feel so scared that i have lost everything my childhood and m growing up with same routine.i dnt have any friend or any social life just working and i cant do anything cuz i got responsibilities. I want to die and restart everything.

I am so scared of my future and i cry everynight with all these thought. Dnt knw what to do m soooo scared and upset