Reply To: cheated by wife



Then there is no reason of living with her rahul. Why u can make ur life without her so just do that. Don’t loose ur value and image by living with such a cheap person..

I dont think it can be so simple without knowing more about the relationship. You cannot just walk out of a marriage. And Swarup, its definitely not for any of us to berate anyone.

Getting back to rahul’s point, I cannot fathom what would you be feeling in your situation, but – one thing I know for sure, angry exchanges never solved anything. I am sure it would be near impossible to talk about this. But you need to talk to her – as cool-ly as much as possible. Try to find a reason about her behaviour. Yes, it is going to be really difficult to control your anger.

Please, for your own sake, DO NOT tell her that you ‘spied’ on her. That’s going to divert the topic. The talk would go around on things like – ‘so you spy on me??? you don’t trust me???’ and you are going to say ‘of course and all this proves..’ But all this would lead nowhere except another round of heated argument.

It sure is a tricky situation that needs to be handled really carefully if you want to save your relationship.