Reply To: complicated marriage



Hi, When you have time to access yourself, your husband and the relationship, it’s time to sit down and talk. Explain to your husband what you’ve been feeling, but be sure to own those feelings. Avoid accusations and don’t expect your partner to defend themselves or their choices. Treat this like a mutual sharing session and invite your partner to talk with you about what they feel.Be a good listener and let your partner speak completely, let them know they can be honest with you without repercussions for doing so. Avoid a confrontation by remaining calm and showing you are committed to their feelings and to hearing them out. If your partner wants to break up, ask for the reasons. You do have a right to know, but be gentle and considerate in asking. Avoid using this time to change their minds or deny what your partner says. Your partner may be angry, afraid or aloof. Allow them to tell you the best way they know how why he wants to break up with you.