Reply To: i am always stresseed, holding on to past memories m always depressed n anxious



Thanks a lot for writing back (:

That is a thing, i feel i am going through such a turmoil of emotions at this point if time then when i will grow up its gonna be so much worse.. Life is so unpredictable.. M not able to accept my new friends even if theybr really good to me coz at that back of my mind m just not ready to move on.. Session is ending, n i have spent one year in the new school bt still i feel like going back..

Plus its not only school change, life in all feels too much now.. I over think a lot and cannot stop doing that.. I get attaches to people and then get hurt easily too.. I no more feel like being happy even.. Just feel like surviving in this cruel world by just passing the time somehow.. And the thing is i have to study too like i get rank 1 by taking too much pressure so there r expectations from me but i no more feel like doing the hard work n achieve something..