Reply To: i am always stresseed, holding on to past memories m always depressed n anxious


khushi singh

Hey,u know it’s not about changing ur school or friends it’s just that u have to understand that even after 12th u can only be in touch with ur friends through calls msgs or social networks, can meet them once in a month or sometimes in a year this how it goes. What u r doing these days is a part of depression I have gone through this but for a different situation but not even this will remain forever. U have to prepare ur mind for accepting things the way they are this is life it’s all unpredictable. Have u played any video games?? Think this situation as ur enemy and u are ur hero, now hero always fight for good over evil, get up from bed accumulate all of ur energy,think positive and fight for urself. Tell me something is ur life all about ur friends?? What about ur parents?? U dnt have any responsibility towards ur family. Arshdeep,acceptance is the key word things will keep on changing. It’s a big world Thn y u have created wall around urself. Just try to look beyond that, there is a beautiful world. Come, get up and let’s face it together u in ur life n me in mine. We are heroes. Right??