Reply To: No spark in Marriage



Hi, its ok u want that ur wife has to live as ur wish. But the thing is everyone will not be having same kind of nature that can be easily changed. You are the kind of person who wants to be trendy and fashionable but may be she is not wanted to be like that. You has to clarify all this things before marrige only and suddenly nobody will going to change their attitude. She may come from the traditional family where she has not learnt all this trendy things that u want. You are having the main problem with her dress sence and physical personality. One thing is good thing that u want that ur wife has to physically fit but the u told about is little bit unfair. Do u think that outer beauty should be exposed to everyone ? Its a wrong thing. U r just comparing ur wife with others who are exposing their body. One thing u should know is real beauty is inner beauty , not what we hav outer in the body. For ur kind many married people r struggling with their wife’s having this kind of character what u r wishing for. And she may fell shy to speak with others so she does not wanted to talk with others. I’m not saying that u r having wrong mind but u should tell all this things to her before marriage only..