Reply To: no relationship but still in love



Thank you Swarup.I want to a suggestion see i know there is nothing to be continue but now he is leaving the city in 4-5 days forever and as he has shown me the path for my career and he always there with me when i was depressed
for job and support me always, i want to give him a treat so, is it fine or not?

And on our last meet i said him that u done this with me but do not do this with someone else because of which he is very angry… and said what u thing about me i love u i know i lied to u but except that i was loyal for u.So Swarup i was thinking to meet him for the last time and end up everything calmly. Please reply and suggest me whether i’m thinking right or wrong and what should i say him so that he will come to meet for the last time. Please reply fast Swarup.