Reply To: Newly wed, tangled ties



he had been a pain in ass since then. first of all ego issues, attitude problems. He has never been wid a gal in his entire life. Instead now i get y he never had a gal in his life. He had been a guy gang member always. So now he dont know how to behave wid a gal.
i ask him one que 10 times n he will reply only if he wants to. else just b in his own company. then wen, he asks smthng n u dont reply, he will get annoyed and wont even talk to u for whole day. then he expects that i shld b in good mood only wenever he is asking.
for hrs n hrs he will lock himself in room, wont talk to anyone, even if u call him or try to talk to him, he wont respond neither talk properly. it feels like y did only i call him.
after all this kinda behaviour he wants to get intimate. fuck off.
i just then dont feel like even talking to him, n in that case he wants to have sex. screw him.