Reply To: Newly wed, tangled ties



Kunal says: i have been ignored since childhood. never ever involved anywere. whenever anything happens in d house, i m proven the culprit. i always detached myself from everybody so that they all dont blame me for anything. i never took interest in them gradually bcuz now i hardly care for them(family).

My in-laws says: this is all wrong what kunal is saying. v have always involved him everywer. always tried to get him out of the room. always asked him wat to plan, what to eat n tried to gel him up. but he always chose to stay aloof. always remain in room n also many of the times spoiled the plans and the home atmosphere too. kunal hardly gives a damn to anybody. he never gives an extra effort to make someone feel better. even if anybody is upset wid him, he wont try to speak to that person even once, n even if he tries, he l call only for once n that too wid too much of attitude. that other person will not even feel that he is sorry for his such behaviour.

i say: he is too hard to stay with. he hardly takes any interest in me. he wants that everone shld call him. keep talking to him, but he wont take any initiative to even get involved. if u call him continuously he will get irritated. n then he will lock himself. he has too mood swings. n wen he calls for once, d other person shld make it up in that time only. else he will b more irritated and will get more angry. he will again create a big issue out of it that, ” i called u for once, but then u didnt come to me. so now i wont talk to u, neither i will talk properly to u” this is his attitude. he behaves too weird. its going to b 2 months of marriage, but v havent been close yet. this is also one of the thing that bothers him d most. he wants it, but he dont want to make m e feel good neither comfortable. neither he creates an atmosphere for me so that i can come close to him. n bcoz of all this type of his continous behaviour, i actually dont feel like gng close to him, neither i feel anything for him.