Reply To: Depression due to break up



I used to be a low confident girl before the relationship. It improved me from an introvert. And now that it has ended,I find myself going back to the same state again. I read about what one can do to come out of such stress. One of the suggestions was to mingle with friends.I am not so free and open socially . I have quite a few close friends,but even their consolation seems a formality. Besides,I myself do not like it to admit that the break up has left me so weak. I always had believed that I was very strong mentally. So it has been difficult to realize that the stress and brooding is making me unresponsive to everything happening around me. And moreover,whenever I try to become normal with time,the past memories flash back. Initially, I thought it that this was normal,but as time passed and I am still in the same condition,made me think about depression. The main problem with me right now is that I can find no source of motivation. It seems that I am dragging my life. Whatever I am doing,I am not doing it for myself…