Reply To: Depression due to break up



You are right. I should be the one to control my life. I am a student preparing for a competitive exam next year and am trying to focus myself on it. But one thing that still pinches me is that while I have landed myself in such mental situation,that boy suffered nothing. He is always active on social media and seems as happy as ever. As if nothing happened at all. He called me sometime back asking that we could still talk as friends. I could not bring myself to refuse him. Whenever the memories start fading,he calls,and we talk,but very formally. This is the main reason I lose focus every time. I always knew that it was only infatuation,that was growing into an emotional attachment and it would end one day. Still I continued with it .the mistake was of course mine.
I have a question. Will it be good if I convince myself that I hate the boy? Can it help better?