Reply To: I'm seriously depressed and don't want to live anymore



I am a 19 year old college student. Since I recovered from depression two years back, i feel like my brain has become weaker. Even the slightest of stress or worries or problems make me unable to function normally. I have anxiety attacks and i am mostly constantly breathing very shallow and rapid. I am afraid of my own thoughts, unable to focus on things, i feel like i can’t control my mind and anxiety. I almost have a constant headache and vagueness in my head. I get these thoughts which take hold of my brain like guilt, worthlessness and else. it’s like even though i tell myself that i don’t believe in whatever negative thoughts i am thinking, but somehow i can’t shove those thoughts off and i am afraid of thinking them and i am constantly thinking them. My mind has become very weak and i feel unable to control it and i fear i am losing my sanity, please suggest something.