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But I was always ashamed of myself…n I olwsys thought I nevr deserved him… so I refused evn to talk…I just wanted to b better for him ..I wantd us to b equal. He was like noone else n he captured my heart. I was ashamed of my flaws thst made me hide from I never thought it was the ripe time asking him to accept me. I wanted him to marry me so that he ll b mine forever n I don wana think about nyone better in near future…I just hate the thought of hoping for a better guy cos he was everything I needed n it ld really b a big insult to my love if I ever thought of someone better to get cos he is my true choice n hes all mine,I m having it hard to express I kno…but thinking about someone elses replacement to him makes me sad for him cos hes truly a good person n he deserves all my love..n I really want him badly..I loved him not by looks or that he was so cool n me a nerd …I just loved! innocent guy truly purehearted n precious ..I just want him to b mine n only mine. But I left that school cos my grades were degrading tremendously…my mind had become a blank sheet of paper n I never regretted being on his thoughts instead of opening my book n studying like I olways did…cos I deemed every bit of him more important than nything else….n his cute innocent face makes me even more crazier …