Reply To: Been mentally tortured for three years and I'm planning to end it all.


khushi singh

hi taran, i have gone through ur post and i really beleive that ur gf needs counselling regarding her temperament.well here this is not an issue right now. i would really suggest u to sit and let ur parents know about this. i know they will be hurt intially but over the time period things will be normal for u. Secondly, u also need to discuss all this with ur gf’s parents that how she abuse u n importantly threatens u which is the reason of my concern in ur story. After this very patiently u tell ur gf that u really had enough of it n need to end this. She might threaten u all over again and shout on u, u plz be calm for safer side u can also record the conversation.Stick to ur decision coz loving a wrong person will only leads u to devastation. Think about ur parents and set them as ur priority. Sorry for getting lil personal but if u have an intimate chats with her than those prove that u havent used her.USE THESE AS PROVES ONLY IF NEEDED. No body in the world has right to abuse parents and if she is doing this u shouldnt be tolerating this. U can also talk to her regarding all this with threatening her lil but that will not lead to solve ur problem completely.