Reply To: sucidal thoughts, parent, culture and society



The main reason behind all of ur problems are ur parents. They doesn’t know the value of a true relationship. Mostly ur mom is sole responsible for this that she was failed to get a true love in her life. Or she left it when she broke up with ur father only. See we should not search for love, it should come to us from our behavior, character and attitude so once we miss that true love then there is no possibility of getting it back. Whatever ur parents hav done its only effected ur life till now but still u hav ur own future to make it in ur own way. Its only possible if u take out ur fear try to minge with people so u can know there are lot of good peoples exist around u. As i think u are not so feared person as u tried to commit suicide because some one should be fearless to try that so u can make it everything just like what others have. Problems will be there for everyone, u can’t find a single person without that. So be confident try to go school or many training institutions are there from which u can make ur life brighter…..