Reply To: broke up ecause of a stupid reason


Kabeer Rai

Hi… Please speak with your boy friend and try explaining him in a logical manner that you have to maintain that professional linkage with your colleagues. I am sure he would understand as he would also be doing that. However, if there is a pattern in your routine, then it will be difficult to convince him. By pattern, I mean to say that is it the same guy with whom you go for a meal always? If yes, then you are in trouble. But if you keep changing your company, then he can be convinced. It is quite possible that your boy friend would have heard something or seen something. Try talking about it to clear his doubts on that particular thing. I am sure this will help. If still it does not help and you really do not want to lose your boy friend then you will have to maintain a distance with this particular colleague. And your colleague should also understand this and should not feel bad about it. Though I understand that every boy or a girl has equal rights to socialize and freedom, but when it comes to heart, this philosophy usually fails. Generally, it is always girls to doubt on their boy friends. But when a man doubts on his woman, then there certainly is something strong behind it. And if you really love your boyfriend, then you should always make him feel as most important. Your colleague can not be more important. This will heal his wounds and things will become normal in some time. A man always wants that his woman should keep him on the top of everyone else. If he desires so, he is right as he is the only one who would always fight for your against any odd situation and protect you. He is your man and is expecting just one thing… top priority. Nothing else. If you ask yourself, you would also want the same thing from him… top priority for yourself. Just imagine that if you see him moving around a particular girl always in his office, how would you feel. If you are okay with this, he may not be. Its your life and its all about both of you. Your colleague would not be there with you in the same organisation for rest of the life.

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