Reply To: is only a honest guy is enough for life….or we expect something else also…?



thanks swarup for your kind reply and concern..
actually that was a moment …full of emotions…which made me to post that reality I also cannot live without him,I love him a lot,I can be angry for some hours or for a day, but more than a day without talking him, is a very tough task for me…
you know after having fight with him I cried a lot and in desperation I posted my confusion to this site. but doing so, made me a bit relaxed and the very day I called him and apologised for my behaviour,after that everything became normal, even I forgot about this post , thus I didn’t check any reply for my post, after many days when I sign in to my gmail, I saw you reply and I got remember about my post, now I feel how I could behave like this, its childlike.
I completely agree with your stand, he is good, loyal, faithful partner. I will never leave him.
can you help me out to modify his way of thinking and behaviour,because I tried a lot but nothing much has changed. what all should I do? what way should I do?
once again thankyou !