Reply To: complicated marriage




I am an engineer working in KSA and my wife is a dancer, We married 7months before and it was a love marriage. I love her, now the situation comes different. She is always complaining about my parents and sisters. This attitude make me so upset an I feel I didn’t wrong selection. Dam sure my Parents loving her more .She is finding small small issues and presenting towards me every day after my job. Basically she is sincere but she didn’t live alone and even experience the meaning of difficulties. Her parents treat her like, So her language when she angry is unacceptable for a men especially to a husband. Many times I warn her to avoid using such words towards me. She has a dance school and staying her own home. Last week situation comes to break the relation as I lost all my control. I don’t know how to treat her. She don’t like advises and if any one laugh on her she will be hot and think they insult her. She has no worry if I divorce also. I told her clearly, am not feeling comfort with you as iam coming out of office and you starting telling prbs even asking am ready to hear it now.