Reply To: complicated marriage



Hey kushi ji, whatever may happend till now , i can understand they are hurted u a lot but things will not remains as it was in yesterday so nothing is ended. U hav learned how life will challenge u in all ur steps but once u claim all this u will at the top. Once the old things ends then we hav to take new things instead of worrying about the which are gone. So in the same way u has to start a new life for urself. Time will run without taking care of us so we should not sit and wait for perfect time, every seconds and every minutes is ur’s so u can do a lot of things in upcoming time. Take out all the negative things frm ur mind b’coz it will discourage u all the time. Its not important if someone who does’nt know ur value will remember u are not. But the people who know about u will always going to remember u in their lifes like ur parents , frds and many well wisher’s liks us are always be with u and supports u in all the time…