Reply To: Marital problems



Hi HopeNetwork,
Again I’m losing hope in my marriage because of recent activities. From the above replies , you people tried to convince me that my husband is not greedy and we have to work together to build up good understanding and relationship.

But I still feel the greediness of money. My father got retired and in- laws and husband wanted money from his PF. Husband didn’t talk with my family for 1 year and didn’t attend the house warming function at my parent’s place. After lots of quarrels, my father gave a land worth 35 lacs. my father insisted the registration on my name because it is my father’s money . This didn’t make him happy as he wanted to register on his name. He keeps pestering me that the land is in my name. Now the new problem is we planned to build a house in the land. Unfortunately, some part of the land is occupied by the local land mafia and they are demanding 4 lacs to get it done. This is already told by my father to my in-laws and husband when discussed giving the land to me. Now my husband and in-laws wanted my father to give the money 4 lacs to that land mafia which is not fair. Since the land is in my name and we planned to construct the house , all the expenses on the land should be born by us. My father is already in huge debt and he cannot spend any more . I’m losing my temper and getting depressed thinking about it all day.
How people be so greedy of money. My father gave all the money as they requested for dowry. Next, at retirement, he gave the land. And now he wants some more money. I don’t think there is an end to this. My mother also gets retired soon. They will surely ask money. Why should we pay them?? just because we got married to each other?? is this what marriage means???

Now I hate marriage, I don’t want to be in this relationship. I’m not happy. I’m still living with him just because for my son. He needs a father. I feel like crying . I’m not having an interest in anything . Please help me how to come out from this problem