Dilemma for everything


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Hello !!

I recently completed my MBA in Finance from a top B school of MP, i am the boys topper of my class but still i don’t have a job its not bcoz companies did not came but because of my high specifications about job profile. I don’t know to expect best in life is wrong if you made efforts to achieve it although i always feel that there is a scope for improvement but day by day am getting lazy my strength is getting deteriorated. People say that you are so much talented y u did nt get a job but how can i tell them once i had five job offers with me but not matching my expectations i rejected them and today is the day when am not able to get the least one of them. thats my present situation.
Secondly, i always aspire for the best thats y i aspire for civil services and to crack UPSC i need to give my everything to it but how will i do it when i am not able to control my thoughts am not able to focus on things i lack consistency in me but at the same time i cant imagine myself as a person who did not made a difference in the society.
Last but the imp one is that no one in my family understand me my father, mother and sisters they all think in the usual way a middle class person would think they dont have big dreams they are happy in wherever they are but they dont understand that with time we should also change. we always have very arguments and tensed environment in our home some time fight also i dont like that i want to live a peaceful life. although i cant blame them for the way they are i cant let me be like them. believe me am in dilemma for almost everything in life and i want to be focused sharp and go getter.
please tell me what to do i dont have driving force i always feel that if i could have someone who can motivate me at every point of time when i feel low who care for me whomsoever he or she may be but i dont have any person like that in my life. Once i had a gf but she said she love sm1 else so she left me n i had to let her go anyway but she was the best girl with pure soul i still love her its been like more than 2 yr now i can never forget her i always wish that she lives well with her love the only thing i can do for her now :(
so, please guide me what to do