gpg wrote:
Dear people

Im going to complete 1 year of marriage but facing some problem with my husbnd.
likewise yesterday night i gave my husband 6 calls and he called upon seeing them, but when he called up i started kidding him and told im sleeping and he knew i was joking but he said ok bye gud nite.
now i want to ask u all who should make the next call me or my husband?
Pls reply me asap its highly urgent. plzzzzzz….

Hey gpg,

I don’t seem to be a much of a problem here. This is just an incidence and can hapen with anyone. To be honest there is no problem making a first move. Instead you shouldn’t wait make a cal and plan a candle night dinner for him at home and watch romantic movie with him as this would build your relationship more strong with love and understanding which is required at this stage. So all these are minor things which u should let it go and dont bother to effect your relationship.

So i would expect to look forward from your reply of initiating a stronger relationship with your husband instead of focusing it on minor details.