my relaionship problem PLZ HELP OUT M DYING


seerat dhir

hello prachi
i am a 20 yr old studen of bcom
i and my bf have been into a relation fr 2 yrs now
we both know each other since 18 years now…..our families vwere best frnds nd great family frnds …it ws in 2010 we fall in for each other …my parents are bit low in terms of mental status…..all was going on good for last year we came to know that my mom nd my bfs dad had some chats on fb dat were not right they had things lyk i love you and all….after dis came to noe that due to my dad’s short temperedness and ol she dint felt any importancce ans she was involved with 2-3 more uncles married and our family frnd too wen ol dis came into light both of our families mine nd of my bf stopped taking
Both of us cried for days and night for what has happened and our love life is all destroyed aftr dat we tired to break up bt cudnt…….
its an year now both families donot tak ……my bfs mother hates my mother for obvious reasons nd so she hates our family toooo…..
now my bf is leaving me he doesnt want it …but he says he cnt tell his mom bout me so dis has to end
We both love each other alot for me is so much to me my father mother lover frnd guide ol,……loosing him is killing me i feel lyk SUCIDING EAC MINUTE widout him pleaseee help me outttttttttttt