online councelling required



i want to discuss some issues how do i do that

i plan things but they never go that way plz help me and this is there since childhood.
I went through your website some days back ,and to my concern i could not
stop and penned down the issues i am facing in the hope that they shall get
I am residing in mumbai india and have recently finished with my graduation on may 2011.and
got a job too which i left in some time only served for 1 yr and resigned .

During my job tenure i felt that m slowly feeling that my memory power was
reducing day by day as in while speaking i dont get words at times ,and even
if i am working on some project i tend to forget the details. moreover these days m trying to get in a school i have been always deprived of good education.

I have been a person who is mostly socially cutoff from rest but i do
maintain good relations with everyone ,the reason being i was born and
bought up at a place filled with terrorism and kept ourself restricted to
home most of the time since when i was 1 yr old in 1989 in j&k northern india .

My concern in this is that is this normal or somethings wrong .
I am not able to concentrate to one single thing since childhood ,even in
studies the thing that troubled i just used to leave it then and their.

Apart from no wonder i did well in every exam but some were down the line i
feel now that i am not able to put my best,can u help me in this .
i just keep watching tv serials with happy endings and stay happy m life is limited to some 30 minute drama only .i find happiness nowhere else.
I am not clear in life of what i want .,to what level and how to go about it..This is not it the love of my life is very close to me but being from different religion none of the parents are willing and we dont want to ruin there setup and have decided to just stay friends .now may be i have given u the complete picture i thing watever i could collect.

I think you could be a better judge,. plz help me wat shud i do.