RE: advice regarding marriage


geetukaur wrote:
Hi . i am a girl and need advice regarding a proposal for marriage from my friend. I am a 30 years old divorced girl. I got married in 2009 and got separated in 2010 and got divorced in May last year. There is a boy in my office who is a very good friend of mine and knows everything about me. I know him for last 5 years and he has supported me in one of the toughest phase of my life as a friend. He proposed me last month stating that he loves me and wants to marry me. He has even talk to his mother and she is ready to accept me. The problem is that he is a christian and i am a punjabi girl, he is one year younger to me, and my salary is higher than his. Personally i dont have issues with the above. As of now he also is okay with all these but in the long term i think it might create some issues. I am a little confused can you please advise me

Hi Mam,

Love is above all religion , caste don’t come in between Love. If you have the feeling you care for him and love him just go ahead don’t think about anything.

For now you’re salary maybe higher but for the next years to come salary would get hiked , there are increments per year given by companies.You could combine you’re and his salary which together would be enough for you both.

think about you both being one rather than you and me , less ego problem the more happier you are.