RE: after marriage problem


bakshi wrote:
I have married six months back from the first day of my marriage my wife does not give me any response physically and mentally till now.I have tried lot of times to make physical with her but she always refuse me and even fight with me. I ask her wats the problem but she don’t tell me anything.she always hangup in her phone at watsapp.when I see her phone she will always from day after 4 months of marriage I come from outside she is as usual do her chat and I her phone forcely and go outside.I see in that is she has an affair with someone .after that we will fight all day I call her boyfriend and asked him to meet me .he comes and tell me everything that we have post marriage affair of about 5 years back and we both don’t live without one and another .after that I tell everything to her parents.and also give resign her job also take her phone too.but I know after all this she talk with him behined my back .now today after to months at last nite I put my hand towards her after that she created a scene .she tell me don’t touch if u touch me I will suicide myself.I luv her what can I do.I am mentally and physically harrased plz help me what step I take

Hello Bakshi,

I understand you love your wife. But love is a two way street. Looks like your wife had an affair much before your marriage. The best solution is to go for counselling. Convice your in-laws to make their daughter understand. Go to a professional for a marriage counselling. The affair she has with her boyfriend is illegal. And you can seek divorce on this basis. But you love your wife. Suppose she agrees for counselling there are two possibilities:
1. She still wants to be with her boyfriend. Then you must divorce her and seek a new beginning.
2. She understands that she has hurt you and decides to leave her boyfriend and have a new start in your marriage.

I hope its the second case. But to be more practical, dont expect any physical relationship as yet. Its not possible. Let her get attached to you emotionally first. And how long would this extra marital affair last? what you have with you wife is legal. You are her husband and no one can change that. But if she has been forced to marry you, her parents are at fault. They have ruined three lives.

Please do go for a marriage counselling. I wish you all the best!