RE: alchoholic husband


lindsey_sooze wrote:
First of all I feel sorry for you. Entire happening of your life are now impacting you. So first of all be calm. As you said your husband is more in-client towards his mother and sisters, so if you also become disturb then who will take care of your kids.

It is not clear that why your husband and in-laws mentally and physically harassed you? Why you have not strongly protest all this? It is tendency of people that if other person become soft then they try to take advantage of this.Stop tolerate abuses. Strongly reply him that it is not good for educated people.Be strong.

It is some man nature that they cannot express their love and caring as women do. It does not mean that they don’t love you. So as he said it may be one of the case. You should talk to him and express all your feelings to him. Don’t be aggressive with him but calmly tell him your feelings.

Please provide more details. It will help to understand your problem. It is an open platform. Express your feelings here. This forum is like a family where we can discuss our problems.

Thanks for your interest in my case. MY doubts are that in the 17 years of marriage i wasnt asked such simple questions as ,how are you? did you have your meals? These are questions you ask any tom, dick or harry on the streets?From After about 2 years after marriage we havent lived together for more than 3 days at a stretch. Always he has work outside the hometown where he cannot return after work. As for telling my feelings, I have said many times but he doesnt seem to understand. These days when he comes home and expresses over attention to my Mother in law and sort of ignores me, I get aggrevated and try to vent my fustration by shouting for small things, and which in turn acts as a bonus for him to showcase in front of children, saying see your mother shouting for nothing? I kind of feel he has been always trying to aggregate my feelings. How do I handle the situation? Help me. What additional information do u need? I am ready to give as I need a solution.
Once again thanks.