RE: Child learning disorder



i tell you that even i am a mother of 16 month old child and my experience say leave your child on his own for some time.he is too young for performance stress. the more you’ll push him the more he will repel.give him a break and then slowly try to bring in him confidence that u r always his best friend and will always listen and understand him.
at one point of time my daughter started getting violent when ever we made her eat food. she used to scream and yell and throw food. we used to really get angry on her. this slowly took a chain reaction. than we decided to break the chain. stooped forcing and scolding her. and eventually it worked out positively. but u have to show lot of self control at that time. just dont show ur resistance to child.
also try if he is listens to any other person rather u and ur partner, any one his teacher, friend’s mother, grand parent , etc on whom u can rely, talk to them. children generally are influenced by others. they might be able to talk to u.
also try reading about child’s development and problems on its a must read website for each parent.

all the best,