RE: cruel fate



hello Warun,
logged in after months and read your reply today. thanks for replying and for understanding my situation. i agree with u my husband is a gem of a person and if I divorce him, i will not only be punishing my family but regret why i foolishly let go of him for something which is not even mine..
Warun, its been months since i posted this thread but my situation has not improved rather i must say it has gone from worse to worst. my boy friend is not the type u thinking him to be.. i agree he is not expressive types but he does not want me to ruin my family and thats why he prefers to stay away.. he says i should live with the people i chose and not contact him ever.. it really hurts me to let go of him and losing him so awfully..
my husband tries to be good to me but as if something stops me from getting close to him, i cant even tolerate a slight touch and even hate going out anywhere with him.. all the time am depressed and only think of leaving him for everybody’s good.. its better to stay away than cheating on him. i dont want to use his goodness and want to be out of this marriage at the earliest.. i understand, i’ll be all alone, but its acceptable than making my husband’s life worse.. living under the same roof as strangers is more torturous than living separately..
i hope u will understand me now and reply accordingly..