RE: decided to suicide today…somebody help me please



Dear linuxroot,

We hope you didn’t go through with your plan of suicide. We are here to help you work through whatever is bothering you. Have you tried to show the good side of hacking to your father? Have you tried to show him that there is something called ‘ethical hacking’ which can actually be used for helping companies and organizations? Have YOU tried it for yourself?

We can also understand why he must worry about you because indeed unethical hacking can get you in serious trouble and even arrested. We want you to just take a step back and think about what you’re planning to do. Suicide is never an answer. NEVER!! Everyone of us is fighter and its times like these that call upon all our energies to fight back. So you pull your socks up, keep your shoulders high, take a deep breath and believe that you can make a fresh start. All the best!