RE: Depressed…….



Jessy, you haven’t mentioned that what do you do ? I would suggest you to get out of ur home asap( m not asking to leave ur home). If you are a student then try to get admission in a college located in a different city. And if you are a jobholder then try to get a job out of your hometown. If you can’t even do these two things either then you should try to keep yourself out of your home most of the time.
for e.g. you can get a job of “teacher” in a school. After spending your time in school you can give tuition to the students. Thus you can spend most of the time outside your home. And in this way you can earn something too and help yourself.

More the time you will spend at your home, more depressed you would be. So leave your home in the morning and come home in the night, have a dinner and go for sleep. When you will be tired you would get good sleep too. Make it your routine. Means you need to keep yourself busy and try to spend most of the time out of your home.