RE: depressed after continuous bad results



Hi Dhanak

Your story is so much like mine. I didnt get through IITJEE or AIEEE. I got into a private college through Orissa JEE. I had always maintained an above 90% schooling but not cracking entrance examinations puts you in a grim place. I can relate to that. Like you I got over that. I studied hard and kept scoring 9 cgpa above. But I did not participate in any co curricular activities. Now I have completed BTech and I’m applying to colleges for MBA. There it does not matter how much you studied, what matters is how much experience you gained through diverse activities you have taken part in your college days. That is one thing you have. Continue participating in fests and keep your interests alive. In college teachers may not appreciate you for that but mark my words, you will be a star out of there. You will have so much to talk about. So, academics and marks are not all that you take away from a college. What you have is much more valuable, so laud yourself for it. Put your full effort in whatever you do. All the best.