RE: dilemma in relation


shivi wrote:
Hello ma’am
I wanted to discuss my relationship issue. I was in relationship with a guy….but my family dint like him…he doubted him n at last they turnd out to b true. He cheated on me with another girl….when i came to know about it i forgave him giving him anothr chanc
e…but he continued with his mistakes..then one day after our serious fight i decided to break up with him…we dint talk for 15 days or so……in between these days i was continuously in touch wid one of my friend who liked me n proposed me even but because i was in relationship i refused his proposal…my parents liked this guy n they always used to tell me to understand him n his feelings….but i used to take him for granted….bt during the days of my fight with my boyfriend…i fell for him….n then suddenly one day i came to know that he was also in relationship….we stopped talking….after somedays my bf called me and asked for anothr chance….he told me that he would prove himself this time….n he really did….but i don’t have feelings for him anymore….i feel for my friend….what should i do???
Pls suggest me..

Hi ,

I would suggest you to stay away from these two boys atleast for some time. So that you will be out of confusion and you will have a clear mind to decide for your future.