RE: disturbed and feeling loneliness




Samantha wrote:
my marriage is not working as i didn’t like to spend a minute with him this is my second marriage .
Actually my first hubby was in bad company and rich spoil brat so i got separated for better future of my son.
for 5 yrs i didn’t got remarried bt family pressured me and to give both parental love to my son i got married again.
bt after marriage i came to know he is in debt and mentally very weak in handling things confused and slow in every work. I tried to handle all things household works,my job and my son studies but gradually i lost all hopes and this insecurity started over powered me and since more than a year i became so harsh and aggressive. Not enjoying anything and it affected my work also and my boss is also not happy wid my work all these things putting me to a great level of dipression and i feel helpless. My family says i m strong and can handle things its my destiny