RE: Dommed Professional Life

reachrubi wrote:
I am a new HR joinee in one of the reputed companies of India. After completing my PG this year, I am just 2 months into this company to be more precise. As you know the corporate world is not a cakewalk, if have a lot of issues with my immediate boss.
1. All that I say is quickly misinterpreted
2. Just because things are new to me it takes time to complete the tasks at hand and I am putting in my best to the extent of getting burnt out as I hardly get any breaks.
3. My immediate boss only seems to shout at me as a result i go blank and forget the reason for not doing a particular task. The tasks at hand are too much to complete and you never know what comes up when.
4. Here, every task is a priority when actually it is not.(Came to nw that later)So prioritizing things becomes difficult despite putting this across to my boss..
5. My other colleagues screw my boss’ brain against me and they also dump their work me and according to the team belief, we r supposed to be helping our colleagues to complete their work without refusing..
6. In the entire process I am so fagged out that I get frustrated of the insults and work that I keep falling sick all the time..My body becomes numb and I find it difficult to reason out..
7. In reality I am a cheerful, creative and bubbly girl
but from the time I joined here life has become a burden with all my attempts to improve the situation going futile because of the stress strain, I am somehow unable to handle… and this is also taking a toll on my personal life – family and friends, on weekends too, all the time I am preoccupied with the thought of what happened or what would happen on Monday as in whether any new bashing awaits me…….
I am questioned all the time about the answers I gave in the interview.. They say it doesn’t match with your personality here that we see… Sentences like what difference have you made ever since you came and why do you look so under confident is something I hear all the time on a daily basis… To add to that comparison with a Graduate….. I have gone into depression..
I can’t leave the job as this is my first job and that too through college campus. And since my college is new and is waiting to be established the act of resigning will only add to my woes…
Need your urgent and kind help in this as I feel that my professional life is going for a toss as everything is going wrong despite prayer and efforts from my side to improve the situation….

Hi Ruchi, I can understand your position… There would be someone reasonably senior who would be sympathetic towards you or friendly to you. Please take his/her advice on work related matter. Secondly prepare a list of 5 things you have done which has added value since you have joined and when asked answer immediately. The best is to consult a senior and make him/her as mentor, discuss the situation and take help.