RE: Excessive sleep, I want to sleep forever and never get up


vishi wrote:
Since last 2 year or so, when it is time to wake up in the morning, I have been having a strong desire to sleep for forever and ever, and then I say to myself that I want to die, I want to die, then somehow I get up and get fresh, then after half an hour or so, I feel normal and then I get ready to there any pschological problem I am facing, and I have noticed that when I know that today’s day is going to be hectic at work, I feel like this more and more, please let me know if it is normal, or am I going through some kind of depression??

Hi vishi,

Well, though I cannot pinpoint exactly what and why it is that you are experiencing, your desire to sleep excessively (which is like a short-term death) and to die (which is like a long or ‘forever’ sleep) could be a sub-conscious desire to avoid facing life and its challenges.

It could be a kind of a desire for escape from life and its troubles. Being aware of this is important.

Your thoughts are the single-most important factors that decide our emotions or feelings towards everything. Are your thoughts full of fear, anxiety, worry, negativity, about life in general or any particular life-situations or challenge in particular?

You will have to be aware of your thinking and see for yourself how it affects your outlook on life and makes you feel negative emotions like worry, fear, anxiety, depression, etc.

Awareness brings more clarity and understanding which in turn brings us close to solutions.

Hope this helps.

Have a nice day. :)