RE: eye blinking obsessive thoughts and anxiety


abhicrik wrote:
thank you so much for replying.
i am actually not focusing on this eye blinking.
the man thing is my mind is stuck with this thing.i mean my attention is towards my eyes.And we see the things around us from our eyes only so my attention is automatically towards my eyes only.And my thoughts too take my attention towards my eyes again and again obsessively and it is very easy and fast to take the attention towards eyes and to the eye blinking thing.And also whenevr my eyes blinking subconsciously then also my attention goes towards my eyes and i feel them while blinking whether consciously or subconsciously ..
i donot know what to do …


You say that your mind is ‘stuck’ with eye-blinking and your attention is constantly towards it. Well that is the meaning of the word ‘focus’! isn’t it?

To focus on something means giving constant attention to it. In your case, you are giving constant attention towards your eyes and the eye-blinking.

You may not be doing it consciously (or knowingly or purposefully). But, your mind is going towards it automatically. And as I said before, when our mind becomes obsessed with something and try to control it or remove it from our mind, we actually become more focused on it and stuck with it.

And the way to reduce such obsession is to simply not fight with it. In your case, you can just accept your eye-blinking by saying to yourself:

‘I am ok with my eye-blinking. It is not such a horrible habit. It is quite a harmless habit. I accept it as a part of my present reality. And even if I try to stop it, it doesn’t stop. Then why try something that is not possible? So, I just let go of any effort to stop it or control it and simply accept it as a part of my current reality. I just flow with it. Let my eyes blink as much as they want. I don’t pay too much attention to it. I just ignore it and enjoy doing so many other interesting things that are in front of me. And if my mind goes to it, I just accept it and relax with it and just enjoy the eye-blinking for a while until my mind easily drift to something more interesting……’

If you will think like this and love and accept yourself and your eye-blinking, it will become less and less all by itself. And the more you will be able to accept it, the more your mind will stop getting focused on it too much.

Actually, it is only because you are worrying about it and want to control it or stop it that your eye-blinking habit is getting stronger. Once you start accepting it as something quite normal and harmless a habit, it will disappear by itself.

And this is not true only for eye-blinking but for almost every problem of our mind.

Hope this helps. Good luck! :)