RE: eye blinking obsessive thoughts and anxiety


abhicrik wrote:
Please take few moments to read this to help me out.
i am facing eye blinking problem from past two weeks.
Every time i think of eye blinking,my eyes starts blinking very twitches a lot.and i have to do it on my own as it doesnot twitches automatically and because of constant eye blinking or twitching i am not able to concentrate on my daily routines and activites.if i try not to blink my eyes i feel irritation and discomfort in my eyes and i blink my eyes suddenly as u know its really difficult not to blink your this thing is creating difficulties in my work and concentration because of which i have developed anxiety towards it and i experience rapid and constant sweating in palms and legs,severe headache,rapid heart beat,tiredness etc symptoms.

as you know eye blinking is a subconscious thing but for me it has become a conscious thing now.i am scared to think of it because of all above mentioned things i am facing.At some times i forget about it.but then i feel my subconscious blinking of eyes and my awareness goes towards it.
Please help.[/size]
Any advice or suggestion would be highly helpful.

Hi abhicrik,

Whatever is your problem, when we focus on or think obsessively about something, it starts making us more nervous and anxious. And as it makes us nervous, anxious and self-conscious, we tend to focus on it and get more and more obsessed about it. A vicious cycle sets into motion.

You seem to have become obsessive with your eye-blinking (whatever is the reason behind it). And the more you think about it and the more you focus on it; the more you fear that you will blink your eyes. And that makes you nervous and anxious.

And then in turn, that nervousness brings even more eye-blinking. And then you get even more nervous and worried about it. That’s how it seems to be working.

So the best thing is to simply accept your eye-blinking for now. Just know that your eye-blinking is something you cannot control consciously. So no amount of conscious effort is going to make it go away. In fact, it will only make it worse.

And with this understanding, just go on accepting your eye-blinking as a current fact or a passing phase. Just allow your eyes to blink whenever they do without trying to control it.

The more you will be able to accept it without fighting with it and allow it, you will feel more and more relaxed about it and less and less fearful, anxious about it.

This will reduce the stress on your mind a lot and that in and by itself will reduce your eye-blinking. Basically, you will set-forth a ‘positive cycle’ in motion.

So acceptance of it and simply allowing it, is the first and perhaps the only thing you really need to do at the moment. And then, slowly it will go away by itself.

Hope this helps. :)