RE: Family planned to commit suicide


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Schizophrenia has got control. My father has the same but he got control with the help of psychiatrist Dr. Mainak Mukherjee.
Look you are in India that is still a country where people make a collective decision where people make unanimous decision that which family is good and which is bad. So if you are not happy with the society then first off all cure every suffering member and move to some othr place. At least you can live in peace. But ya take special care of your mom and sis with zeal. Never let your self down. As big the trouble, grow as strong to counter the same.
Remember god knows your strength thats why he gives you trouble accordingly. This is just a period or a testing time of god. Take it strongly and face it. Be a hero for your family. Thats what my mother did for my father.( as i was only 5 yr old during my fathr’s diagonosis).