RE: fear for marriage


vaishali wrote:
I was in relationship past five years and had physical relationship with that guy.but now my marriage got fixed with an another boy that is why i am getting afraid because everybody says your past physical relationship will effect your married life.boys always wants a virgin girl.what should i do now?
is that true my husband will capture me that i am not a good girl.if it happens my family defenitly kill me.

Hi Vaishali,
The virginity of a girl is determined by a thin film like barrier in your vagina called ‘hymen’. Its true that when a girl has intercourse, the hymen breaks and you’re not called a virgin anymore.The breaking of the hymen is the reason there is a little bleeding at the time of first sexual intercourse. But these days it is usually not considered a measure of virginity because there are a lot of many ways that the hymen can break like exercise, physical activity etc. So if your husband suspects this you can tell him this fact and ease his fears. For the sake of your happy married life, DO NOT tell him about your past relationship no matter how much he coaxes and cajoles and even if he shares his past relationships with you.
As for you, if you have decided to spend your life faithfully with the man you’re about to marry, you have nothing to fear. Just forget about your past and get ready to enter a new life with a new man. Just don’t think that you have had a physical relationship before and that your future husband is the first man you will get intimate with. If you believe this, he will believe you too. We wish you all the best for a happy married life!