RE: feel like in a cage



for how long are you in this relationship? and you self pity yourself.
If something is wrong,then stand against it.
You know the problem is when we self pity ourselves, we tend to buid guilt in overselves.
It shows you are soft hearted girl and respect your parents. But its your life and you have to decide whats good and not. If something goes wrong,then you only have to take care.
learn to toughen up.
You say your parents doubt you over it..
Here one best suggestion..
Take deep breath,just ignore and act very casually as if nothing happened.
take whatever they say from your one year and leave it thru another.
Just concentrate on your studies.
Without proper planning you will suffer. Take things one at a time.
You know when you start earning then automatically your parents stop. Its basically that you parents worry about you alot and this worry has somewhat turned into hatred towards you. So take things slowly,analyse and act.
I am not a psychiatrist but just felt like giving up my thought.. :)