RE: Feeling too lonely and high time that I need to pour it out



Mrs. Gaytri

I can suggest you only one thing that you need to decrease your EQ as much as you can(EQ refers to emotional quotient same as I.Q). That means you need to make yourself emotionally strong. You should be like, you don’t give a damn if someone loves you or not.

I know this sounds you really ridiculous. But let me tell you that you are living in India. Unlike western countries, an Indian wife can’t give divorce to her husband easily if she is not happy with him and go on a search of another person who loves him truly. Neither you can give divorce nor you can find you new love. These things will only create more mess in your life.

Just try for a last time, take your husband on a date I mean out of your home where you can talk to him in alone and tell him everything clearly that we are family and we need to think over it and sort out this mess together.

If still he doesn’t listen you. The only option left with you is to make yourself more hard and less emotional, and think like you don’t care if someone love your or not, you just do your own duty. Just love and care only and only your son, spend more time with him. Try to keep yourself busy and do the things which makes you happy. For e.g. learn new things, dance, listen music, help people, do counselling like I am doing here :)

After reading about your son, I need to do some modifications. You two can only help out each other. Spend much time with your son, I know you do, but I mean you should take part on his activities like play video game, indoor and outdoor games with him, for e.g. you can play hide & seek, truth and dare. Take him to the outing every weekend, tell him stories, sleep with him. Teach him new things like cooking, dancing etc. Don’t just be his mom rather you should become his close friend (as his friends don’t like him). Make him feel that his mom is his best friend and he can share everything with you whether its bad or wrong. It will also help you to come out of your loneliness.