RE: Feeling totally alone..not successful..dont know how to help myself



what do we do in that situation, we just simply wait for the right time and keep trying and trying.. but it’s not that easy as it seems.. I’m also in same situation, but only difference is here, m the one who never had a single job, i m still struggling for my own ambitions, having lots of emotional distress ( either by bitter past or grief of others).. i’m having huge responsibilities which i can’t leave but m tired to being responsible.. sometimes, i just want to escape from it but i know, this will not give me a right solution.. I don’t have anybody to whom i can share my difficulties.. i just had 2 smile for others cause they already undergone with their problems..

But, from 3-4 months, i just decided to learn our actual goal in life. what we want from ourselves? Peace, can be only answer.. i decided to not think so much and just stop analyzing. i’m still not successful. but i retain my confidence, coz i learned to love myself. it became possible only when i stop blaming myself and others. i still trying to befriended with others coz we can not live alone. when we don’t have a reason for smile, then we must trying to being the cause of other’s smile.. when we want something, we have to loose something,, it means when we do something for someone we need to loose our expectations. similarly, we have to stop thinking about our past status of life because it can only cause pain nothing else.. our real success does not rely in our ambitions.. we have to keep trying but stop analyzing,, life is so short and after loosing my dearest ones tragically, i learn that we must struggle for our ambitions but not the cost of peace.. i still trying and still feel low sometimes.. but now i just started to believing in myself.. i’m too young to advise u, its not like that. we all are facing different2 problems but i believe that we must help each other..

my opinion is for u- plz do not listen what others are saying, do not compare yourself with other’s life. try stay close to ur dear ones. strart sharing ur thoughts in every possible constructive ways.. do not stay alone for long time.. strart morning walk, do whatever u please,, do not hide your personality behind ur ambitions,, last but not the least, keep trying, i believe u will surely get ur goal.. But one thing is most imp, plz set ur real goal in ur life,, n goals can be changed..