RE: fight


Shags Cool
fatima wrote:
im married past 3 yrs 2 my cousin..luv marraige
we live away from our families for our jobs
we usually end up fighting once in a month very badly but patch up again the next day
obviously im the one who gets angry more n in anger i speak all the things against my husband and my in laws every time i fight..i insult a lot.
and nxt day i again i patch up
but last night my in laws heard on phone that i was fighting against him n his family..n heard all the rubbish i said..
they called my parents and described everything now all r against me..
but i have patched up with my husband
and now going to their place
what to do n wt to tell
plz help its urgent

As you have described your problem above, you probably know it very well that it was your mistake. Its good that your husband is so supporting towards you but then that should be the same way in which you should be with him too. Consider your in laws as your own parents and give them the respect which you would like your husband to give to your parents. No one can hear something told against their parents. Now as you know your mistake then apologize to your in laws and ensure them that you wont repeat it again. It will not only help you to overcome your mistake but it will also help you to strengthen the bonds with them. Discuss out your problems with your husband calmly rather than depicting them in a angry.