RE: Friend or love


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max wrote:
I like one of my friend i met online . I dont know if I love her may be I do .. I am not sure but she is constantly on my mind which makes me feel I like her more than just friend ..I have her number and we talk sometimes or texts .I am not getting if I should go further since she is older than me and lives in different city . I dont know about her feelings either but once she said ‘I like you personally’
I like sharing things with her and like talking too .. she’s great friend but I am confused since shes on my mind most of the time .. . Please tell me how do I control my mind not thinking about her ..

u like a friend Online ?….we lie all the time wen we dont c someone.
Plus she is older than she is in different city..omg…gv it a brk….continue ur friendhip and let many folds open on itself or u will urself c she is into u or busy somewhere else…