RE: help needed (please help me out)


yogesh.modi wrote:

Listen buddy as she is telling you that this is not the right time and she will tell you later that means she doesn’t want to be with you. Girls are very complicated and the more you try to understand them you get more confused. I am sure if she finds someone that she really likes she will say yes straight away. But dont waste your time behind her. Just let her go. Because the more you will try to get her, the more you will get frustrated and you will feel helpless. If she doesnt care about you why would you. As you are saying you have wasted two years behind a girl, are you planning to waste another two years or what? Look at your parents buddy they are the ones who deserve your love and affection not that silly and confused girl. Don’t ever waste your time behind any girl and don’t try to commit suicide because you are not here for that girl you are here to do something else right. Even if she is not the right one you will get one. But don’t waste your time again, just feel that she doesn’t worth your love. And believe me my friend your parents do deserve your love and time live for them and they will find one for you who will love you a lot than this girl believe me.

thanks for your help, but the thing is I cant think of a single second without her. I don’t know why, But thats How it is … i cant focus in anything. i cant stop myself. really dont know why is it happening so…

thats why m sure without her, i cant focus myself in anything, and there is no way i would be able to do nething to support my parents. So i dont see a way other than dieing.