RE: husband,s father,s interfare


Ayeshaindia wrote:
nisha wrote:
I got married in last november. 2 months my married life was nice and then my father in law started making interfare in between me and my husband. His interfare is so much that my husband started telling him everything what is going between us even he used to say every personal matter also. I got frustrated and came to my mom. Now m really very upset coz i love my husband want to live with him but dont know what to do to make him understand that this married life is ours.

Dear, when u love ur husband and want to live with him, why u creating distance by leaving him. If you have confidence that ur husband loves u and will come to take u back or will miss u and realise his mistake this way, then may be u have done the right thing. But if u think that u both need to work on the relationship to make it strong and create understanding for each other, do not distance urself at this time. Be with him, try not to get angry or fight because of his father. Spend time with him, understand him and know what actually makes him do so. If u really dislike the interference, try to put the point in a soft manner. Try to understand ur husband, is it his habit or he has some problem with u. Never talk bad about his father directly on his face, he will dislike it even when his father is wrong.

But the problem is his father always say wrong thing about me and my husband believe his father all the time and start fighting with me.