RE: i am depressed and confused too



can i ask u how old u are?
it seems as though u r in school so running away isnt an option right now.
its a difficult time, being in school. its also a time when u get to build ur own character. its that time in ur life when u get to define so many things. im sorry u dont have many good friends. how are ur interactions with them? are u happy? are u joyful? this is important because happiness is a magnet. so if u are going to appear lonely in front of them, they will not want to be around u. if u will b happy, it will attract more people.

im sorry about ur situation at home. when i went through that phase, i started reading. it took me into another world where i had peace and i was happy. i was the great and powerful hero of all those books and it made me happy. i wasnt so lonely either. books were my refuge. u need to dive deep into a hobby of ur own.

i wish u good luck