RE: i am depressed and confused too



firstly,thank you so much that you replied to my 16 years old. my interactions are usually good with my classmates. i talk to everyone in my class and infact they enjoy my company as well.but at the time of choosing good friends,they never choose me as one of them. i dont know my why but they prefer others over me. one of the reasons i think is my anger.i cannot control it anyway. when i realize my mistake i do accept it and also apologize for it.but then too i think that there is no one as my true friend.should i wait or do something for it?? and yess even i just love reading and i liked your suggestion too but what i really felt today that no one loves even cares about me at home,so strted feeling more and more lonely.. plzz suggest some more ways so that i can overcome my situation as soon as possible.thank you