RE: I am the biggest loser in the world



My life is completely out of track… m an engineering graduate bt I dnt hv a job… thru out my life since my childhood I am getting comments from various ppl for my ultra skinny body… and today again I got an insulting comment and that too even from my crush’s mother (I tried on her daughter once but c rejected me) who lives in my street.. I was going out of home with one of my friend.. suddenly my crush’s mother stopped me… I dont think she had talked to me in my whole life like in 20 years… but today she stopped me and said… wat happen to you.. you are thin like a stick (“sookh k lakdi ho gaye ho”)… I ignored her and started moving on my way.. then she passed a comment “ja rha hai… kaisa patla ho gaya hai… gadha kahin ka”…
Neither I can speak properly, nor I have a good body, nor I have a job… I am just like burden on my parents and on this earth… I feel like suicidal… I am tired of my life.. God has bestowed nothing on me”……..